Release Date: January 18, 2019
Title: Peripheral
Artist(s): Shunus
Catalog: WAYU014
Remixer(s): Urmet K
Shunus makes his second appearance on WAYU Records with another powerful and consistent musical production. An EP that could not be more suitably named, "Peripheral" demonstrates Shunus' ability to explore the outer edges of many genres without stepping far from a conceptual proposition. In this brand new EP, Shunus successfully incorporated industrial elements into dry and groovy rhythms, maintaining a Melodic Deep Tech sound by adding subtle hi-hats and arpeggios throughout all of the tracks. Not only was he able to bring new fusions into Peripheral EP, but he also introduced his own voice on 2 tracks; demonstrating his versatility. If that is not enough, Shunus invited two talented artists to be part of this release; Emiliana, a Colombian up-and-coming singer who collaborated in the track "Don't Forget to Dream", and Urmet K, a producer based in London, who delivered a fresh perspective on the track "Vibrations".

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