WAYU019 - Aetius Boutefoy - Metaleda
Release Date: June 17, 2019
Title: Metaleda
Artist(s): Aetius Boutefoy
Catalog: WAYU019
Remixer(s): Joep Mencke, Audiotones
After breaking into the scene with the incredible edit of 'Corre Morenita,' Aetius Boutefoy makes his WAYU Records debut with 'Metadela' EP, an artistic masterpiece heavily charged with techy and groovy sounds perfect for any dance-floor. Focused on low-end frequency elements that bring out punch and solid aural characteristics, the sound of Aetius is explosive and impactful. The artist tactfully develops an inspiring balance between heavy down-beats and melodic ideas which are deliberately and timely placed at moments to successfully achieve a provocative rhythmic and elegant experience. 'Metaleda' features an Afro/tribal bass-line intertwined with oriental wind instruments while 'Savanna Church' displays beautiful angelic vocals. This perfect balance is carried on by remixers Audiotones and Joep Mencke with different, but not so distant perspectives on their renditions of the two original tracks. Audiotones brings a dreamier and groovy remix of 'Savanna Church,' and Joep masterfully re-engineers a techy and synth oriented proposal of 'Metaleda.'
  • 1). Metaleda feat. No:mad (Original Mix)
  • 2). Metaleda feat. No:mad (Joep Mencke Remix)
  • 3). Savannah Church (Original Mix)
  • 4). Savannah Church (Audiotones Remix)

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