WAYU021 - Al Lindrum, Alvaro Suarez, Dolph - Co-Laboratory
Release Date: July 19, 2019
Title: Co-Laboratory
Artist(s): Al Lindrum, Alvaro Suarez, Dolph
Catalog: WAYU021
Co-Laboratory, an EP imagined by Al Lindrum that brings 3 different collaborators: Dolph, Alvaro Suarez & Elena Be. When asked about his decision to make this EP, Al responded with "The world of today needs more cooperation and togetherness, so I decided to join some of the works I have made with three lovely people I have met on my way thru life. Three totally different and unique collaborations. So exited to share this musical voyage" The result of this co-laboratory EP, a spectrum of unique sounds, wide rhythmic variety, and especially a space where everyone was able to demonstrate their inner minds and heart when it comes to composition. From slow and sexy propositions in En Tur I Gyngen, to a deeper and honest confession in Rote Laterne, and concluding this colaboratory relationship with El Camino, displaying a techy side to the EP; Co-laboratory is the perfect package of musicality, rhythmic variety and personality showcasing.
  • 1). En Tur I Gyngen feat. Elena Be (Original Mix)
  • 2). Rote Laterne (Original Mix)
  • 3). El Camino (Original Mix)

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