WAYU025 - Kalaman (Designori) - Kunja
Release Date: September 27, 2019
Title: Kunja
Artist(s): Kalaman (Designori)
Catalog: WAYU025
Designori is a project infusing the rhythms, sounds, smells and textures of remote corners of the world as absorbed through the senses of a curious traveler. Designori is a vessel of emotions, transporting them from the source of inspiration to the minds of observers. His debut on WAYU Records, it's a 2 track EP titled "Kunja," that features two beautiful downtempo tracks. LION The lion is the king, the leader, the head of the land. This track flirts with multiple simultaneous melodies and conveys graciousness like the carefree lion, unafraid to run free and dance alone. But the king of the land has a deep responsibility, for he knows secrets that nobody knows. Like the lion, the words of power echo in our heads: maybe you know something that nobody knows. MELA In Sanskrit, Mela is a gathering of many people around an idea. It’s a celebration of a shared belief, an ode to a force that unites those who come together. This track is the sound of shared happiness. The bouncy bass-line is a reflection of many heads bouncing as they dance, while the playful piano is the innocent way in which people play and share moments together.
  • 1). Lion (Original Mix)
  • 2). Mela (Original Mix)

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