WAYU026 - Nhii, Pippermint - Feather of Illusion
Release Date: October 11, 2019
Title: Feather of Illusion
Artist(s): Nhii, Pippermint
Catalog: WAYU026
A single Blue Jay feather in Upstate New York was the inspirational spark for Nhii's "Feather of Illusion" EP. Two beautiful tracks that are full of emotions, and are sure to capture you in the moment. Nhii’s first track of the EP, “Feather”; an industrial characterized production that showcases an artistic sensitivity displayed in the form of collaboration with the talented vocalist Pippermint. Just as the relationship in between confident groove ideas and eclectic synthesized melodies display a defined artistic proposal, the vocals are the true guide of how we should perceive this track, leading you into a sensual story telling narrative. Continuing this listening experience, comes next the track “Illusion”; exposing a much more inner explanation of the thought process and emotional feelings Nhii and Pippermint went through at the moment of creating such. In this track, both producers focused on a finite way of telling a message at the break of the song, surrounding it by a frontal style of mixing percussive elements and creative sound combinations. Instead of listening, let the sounds guide you into understanding the minds of musical designers, who use the art of morphing sounds to explain a message that is still yet to be deciphered.
  • 1). Nhii - Feather feat. Pippermint (Original Mix)
  • 2). Nhii & Pippermint - Illusion (Original Mix)

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