WAYU037 - MIICHII, Juanma Salinas, Shunus, Aetius Boutefoy - WAYU Various Artists, Vol. 2
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Title: WAYU Various Artists, Vol. 2
Artist(s): MIICHII, Juanma Salinas, Shunus, Aetius Boutefoy & more...
Catalog: WAYU037
We are proud to present you WAYU Records Various Artists Compilation, Volume 2. This album is the continuation of our yearly tradition, and this year, we are introducing 12 fresh and original tracks that feature 13 different artists from all over the world, including in alphabetical order: Aetius Boutefoy, Janovi, Jerry Spoon, Juanma Salinas, Kaiser Waldon, LADS, MIICHII, Nii Tei, Notre Dame, Sebastian Gabriel, Shunus, Ünam and Vandelor. We started this compilation tradition because we are aware that within WAYU Records, a wide range of sounds and production styles are always being showcased. Because of this, we decided to create the perfect sampler that gives you a taste of what we are all about; a blend of ethnic influences and sounds, embracing the current analog and digital colors found in modern electronic music.
  • 1). Juanma Salinas - Dundder (Original Mix)
  • 2). ÜNAM - All the Way (Original Mix)
  • 3). Sebastian Gabriel - Of Tales & Others (Original Mix)
  • 4). Notre Dame - La Luz (Original Mix)
  • 5). Shunus - What Else (Original Mix)
  • 6). LADS - Bianca (Original Mix)
  • 7). MIICHII - Anonymous (Original Mix)
  • 8). Kaiser Waldon, Nii Tei - Arbor (Original Mix)
  • 9). Aetius Boutefoy - Umoja (Original Mix)
  • 10). JANOVI - Sonar (Original Mix)
  • 11). Vandelor - Leila (Original Mix)
  • 12). Jerry Spoon - Time Bender (Original Mix)

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