WAYU068 - Mâhfoud - The Oracle
Release Date: April 22, 2022
Title: The Oracle
Artist(s): Mâhfoud
Catalog: WAYU068
Remixer(s): SIS, Depart
Place your palm in the hands of tracing fingers, and let your fates be revealed. Mâhfoud's debut EP on WAYU Records, 'The Oracle' coaxes you into a mysterious journey towards enigmatic eyes that see all. Blending melodious sounds with the mystical, the original tracks 'The Oracle' and 'Fortuna' seek out those with a piqued curiosity and invite them in for a tantalizing tale. 'The Oracle' begins with soft piano chords coasting along with a beautiful build-up that sets out to place you in a delicate state of bliss. Just as you begin to feel a sense of comfort, a hint of something more cryptic blooms and twists into a seductive tone. The vocals will guide you along and pull you into a world of secrecy, unveiling that you've been summoned by strange, unknown characters. Mâhfoud's second track 'Fortuna' offers a playfulness that calls your inner child to the carnival of the curious. A carousel of animated sounds harmoniously ebb and flow to activate all your senses, and initiates a flirtatious dance with destiny. A sense of wonder and intrigue is present from beginning to end and welcomes you with an all-knowing smirk into this eccentric world.'The Oracle' receives two dynamic remixes from Depart and SIS that perfectly compliment Mâhfoud's vision, adding groovy, sultry layers to an alluring story of temptation and discovery.
  • 1). The Oracle (Original Mix)
  • 2). Fortuna (Original Mix)
  • 3). The Oracle (SIS Remix)
  • 4). The Oracle (Depart Remix)

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