Release Date: October 28, 2022
Title: Music & Voices
Artist(s): DreamAwaken
Catalog: WAYU077
An unusual place exists between the spaces of dreaming and awake, an ethereal sphere for the wildest of imaginations to manifest and play. The hymn of the night will lull your eyes to a close, then guide you towards an exotic desert playground where you can explore the fantasies created by the extraordinary corners of your mind. This whimsical world is yours for the taking, as dreamAwaken narrates your otherworldly journey with 'Music and Voices,' a mind-opening EP presented by WAYU Records. After your eyes shut, they cast wide open. An amalgam of sounds deep and sensual with calming chimes lifts you out of your body and into a spiritual wonderland like no other. Take a walk barefoot along the desert floor, basking in its warmth while the sun and the moon tempt you into a thrilling game of hide and seek. Curiosity and exploration pop up around every newly discovered corner, uncharted territory for your senses. 'Music and Voices' is poetry in motion, encouraging us to let ourselves go and lose time within this sacred space. There is room for our inner child to live here without fear and for our present self to express its wildest desires. The boundaries here do not exist. Curiosity fed after vivacious adventures, replenishing energy is of importance. 'Thoughts As Noise' slips you into a snug cocoon lovingly prepped for a meditative state aiming to transport you to a higher level within yourself. Alone with our thoughts can be a daunting place to be, but dreamAwaken will ease you into a serene, self-reflective ride with delicacy. An oasis awaits you, far from plaguing outside thoughts where your intuition has room to bloom. 'Music and Voices' is an EP for dreamers who are unafraid to step outside the confines they have been placed in and create their own magical way.
  • 1). Music & Voices (Original Mix)
  • 2). Thoughts as Noises (Original Mix)

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