Release Date: July 29, 2022
Title: WAYU 5 Years - Part Four
Artist(s): MIICHII, Mujia & Tajo, King Ben & more...
Catalog: WAYU5YEARS4
We are celebrating 5 Years of WAYU Records with a 5-part compilation that features our artists' wide range of sounds. For this 4th part of the compilation, we want you to close your eyes and let yourself drift up high above the clouds and into a hazy realm created solely by the dreamers. Bouncing along in a lucid, euphoric state with no sense of time or structure, you can get lost in a blissful daydream with ease. Our featured artists include Mujia and Tajo, Ben and Vincent, MIICHII, and King Ben, and they wrap you up in a light, warm embrace in a world where your heart's desires are in the limelight.
  • 1). Al Lindrum, Dolph - Rote Laterne (Mujia & Tajo Remix)
  • 2). Ben & Vincent - The Old Man and His Lemonade (Original Mix)
  • 3). MIICHII - Stop Running (Original Mix)
  • 4). King Ben - My Brother (Original Mix)

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