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Interview: Juanma Salinas and Guuse talk about "Hold On" EP

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Guuse and Juanma Salinas to delve into their debut collaboration EP titled "Hold On." For WAYU Records, this EP holds significant meaning as it epitomizes the true essence of our label—a space that fosters artistic collaboration. Additionally, we've been closely following both of their careers, particularly Juanma's, as he has been a core member of our family since the beginning.

Their mutual admiration for each other's solo work, coupled with a shared passion for downtempo and organic house music, culminated in this exciting project.

1. What inspired the collaboration between you and Guuse for the "Hold On" project?

Juanma Salinas: The inspiration to come together stems from our mutual appreciation for our solo projects. We began sharing the music we were creating until we discovered a common ground to collaborate. Along the way, we also became good friends, and working with friends is always enjoyable.

2. Could you describe the creative process behind blending your distinct styles to create something innovative for this EP?

JS: I had almost finished these two tracks, but I couldn't find the "thing" that made a song special. Well, that "thing" turned out to be Guuse's vocals. We had been discussing a collaboration earlier, and I thought that these songs were perfect for him. That became the starting point of this EP, and it turned out super well!

Guuse: The songwriting process was quite simple: once I found the vocal melody that I felt fit perfectly with that piece of music, we began putting the song together. Each of us expressed our musical style to create this music.

3. Can you share any challenges or breakthrough moments you experienced while working on this project together?

G: For me, it was a process of internal healing. I was going through tough times personally, and sitting down to write from the heart took some time. The music was incredibly inspiring, and I aimed to find the right words and sing with the appropriate feeling to capture what I was experiencing. It was a nice challenge.

JS: It was pretty straightforward for me; perhaps the most challenging part of the process was the mixing sessions in Bursz’s studio. It was my first time working alongside a mixing engineer, and I learned a lot thanks to this collaboration.

WAYU Records · Juanma Salinas, Guuse - Hold On [EP]

4. "Hold On" and "Founders" are tracks that resonate deeply with listeners. What emotions or messages were you aiming to convey through these songs?

G:For the past few years, we've felt emotionally distraught about our relationship with nature and the species that share this world with us. I believe we're not treating our surroundings fairly, which saddens me deeply. "Founders" is our genuine expression of this sentiment. "Hold On" delves into how we manage when a cherished relationship deteriorates and becomes negative.

5. As core members of WAYU Records, how has your journey with the label influenced your musical style and approach to collaboration?

JS: We got to know each other through WAYU Records, sharing a love for the musical style the label promotes. While our individual styles may vary in sound at times, I believe there's a common thread in the melodic aspect that has brought us together. This shared aspect is also reflected in the artists associated with WAYU.

6. What do you hope listeners will take away from the "Hold On" EP, both in terms of musical experience and emotional connection?

G: First and foremost, enjoy the music. Despite the motivations that drove us to compose these songs, once they're out there, they become everyone's, open to interpretation and personal meaning from each listener.

7. Could you discuss any future plans or projects you have in store, either as a solo artist or in collaboration with other musicians?

JS: Sure, we're putting a band together. We still don't know what it's going to be called, but we're already working on music. As for my solo project, I'm always working on something new. I get bored easily, so I tend to explore new genres and styles. No, I'm not doing trap (yet).

G: As for my solo work, I have several new songs that will be released throughout 2024. I'm exploring various styles within electronic music and creating live sets for performances.

8. Finally, can you share any insights or advice for aspiring musicians looking to embark on collaborative projects and push musical boundaries?

JS: We think that it is important to embark on a project with someone who takes what you are doing as genuine and that your creativity can merge without having to modify your personal vision of your own musical creativity. Always compose music from the heart and take the best from each person.

Juanma Salinas, Guuse - Hold On is Out Now
Juanma Salinas, Guuse - Hold On

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