Omeria - Interview about "Palabra"

Omeria discusses his latest release "Palabra"

In the realm of electronic music, there are artists who transcend the boundaries of sound, creating immersive sonic landscapes that transport listeners to realms of imagination and emotion. Omeria, a Turkey-based producer and DJ, stands as a beacon of this transformative power within the industry. Known as one half of the beloved duo Depart, Omeria has captivated us with his latest mesmerizing single titled "Palabra."Omeria - Palabra

We felt we needed to delve deeper into the creative process behind "Palabra," the beautiful remix that Cem Gemalmaz created, and his vision for the future. Join us as we unravel the layers of Omeria's sonic tapestry and explore the mesmerizing world of "Palabra."

1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Palabra and what led you to create it?

Omeria: I can say that I went on a discovery with Palabra's vocals. I built everything on it. I think what drew me to this story were the vocals. It was like editing a movie. The aggression and diversity that the instruments brought after the middle of the composition pioneered this, and the richness of the instruments really inspired me to create this mental and musical story.

2. The EP has been described as a 'cinematic experience.' How did you approach crafting such an immersive sonic journey?

Omeria: The answer to this is "feelings". The emotional intensity of witnessing a story as it is born draws you deeper into it. So it was like I was creating a movie in my head, and this is my cinematic reflection of artistic abstraction.

WAYU Records · Omeria - Palabra (Out Now)

3. Can you walk us through your creative process when producing 'Palabra'? Any particular challenges or breakthrough moments you encountered?

Omeria: The creative process is entirely a mental state. It's a bit difficult to explain concretely. The process of each song is a different process and experience. What I liked most about "Palabra" was that it brought the guitar aggression by feeling it from the bottom. That "I'm close" feeling we all feel when surfacing the water.

4. How do you see the remix by Cem Gemalmaz complementing or adding to the original track? Were there any specific aspects of his reinterpretation that particularly impressed you?

Omeria: Cem is a really talented person. I was very happy with the sound he created for the remix. The part that impressed me the most is that the film I mentioned further incorporated the "city feeling". I can say that seeing his thoughts and his perspective on my story is a different experience for me. Remixing is sometimes a really difficult job, but sometimes you really feel it and reflect a large part of what you want to do, and Cem did this very well.

5. As one half of the duo Depart, how does your solo work as Omeria differ in terms of creative expression and musical direction?

Omeria: Actually, I can say that there are a lot of things. Both are in sharply different musical universes. Depart; While it is synthesized from the minds of two people, Omeria's perspective spreads much more freely within itself. It follows a much wider range. But as I said, they are both in two different creative universes on this scale.

6. Looking ahead, what can we expect from Omeria in terms of future projects or collaborations? Any hints or insights you can share with your audience?

Omeria: I continue with the ideas and inspirations that come instantly as a result of the periods and struggles of my life. I think listeners will hear more often from Omeria projects with lyrics and compositions written by him. Because there was no single genre or style that I produced from the very beginning. It feels so much more real to be telling the story myself. Of course, making music that is far from popular music and without falling into a mold of my own will always be my priority.

Omeria - Palabra is Out Now

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