Chambord - Life Is Strange [EP]

Release Date: June 24, 2022
Catalog: WAYU071
  1. Life Is Strange (Original Mix)
  2. Life Is Strange (Xinobi Remix)
  3. Life Is Strange (Lunar Plane Remix)

Welcome... to another life, far from the realities of Earth. Descend from your shuttle and expose yourself to life among the extraterrestrial in unusual and uncharted territory. Chambord leads the voyage with 'Life is Strange' on WAYU Records, and very strange it is indeed.

If life on Earth poses any peculiarity, 'Life is Strange' will open the vortex of the whimsical and weird. Inquisitive musings and unique new ways of being in this astronomical atmosphere will open you up to new galaxies of possibilities. Chambord's light and lucid musical voyage stimulates with an otherworldly rhythm that gives glimpses into what celestial life is like without gravitational pull. Unearthly vocals will keep you floating, singing of truths and promises that await you in this bizarre new life among the stars.

On remix duty, both Xinobi and Lunar Plane will propel you further into the cosmos on exciting expeditions. Xinobi dips into a fun and retro intergalactic funk that gets you moving right off the hop. There is a playful essence leaping from it from beginning to end, like racing around the planets and leaving trails of cosmic dust. Lunar Plane stirs up a mood that's eerier and out-of-body. In this remix, the vocals take on a more haunting feel and build up into a faster, frenzied groove that glides into a dazzling piano ensemble in the heart of the song