WAYU Records

Dan Bay & Max Clouth - Nada Yoga Remixed

  1. Dan Bay, Max Clouth, Shruti Ramani - Shruti (Nhii Remix)
  2. Le Rubrique, Dan Bay, Max Clouth, Varijashree Venugopal - Mumbai Sunrise (Slow Nomaden Remix)
  3. Dan Bay, Max Clouth, Tony Clark - Nada Yoga (Tebra Remix)
  4. Rodrigo Gallardo, Dan Bay, Max Clouth - El Fuego en Mí (Yamil Remix)
  5. Matthias Vogt, Dan Bay, Max Clouth - Parikrama (Niki Sadeki Remix)
  6. Spaniol, Dan Bay, Max Clouth - Magic (Beyhude Remix)
  7. Landhouse, Dan Bay, Max Clouth - Koregaon Park (Ben & Vincent Remix)
  8. Dan Bay, Max Clouth, Shruti Ramani - Bhimpalasi (Chudiy Remix)
  9. Spaniol, Dan Bay, Max Clouth - Magic (Timboletti Remix)

To travel far on land is a gift, picking up bits and pieces of yourself along the way and drinking in the cultural offerings with a ravenous thirst. We are present in the moments we find ourselves placed in, but there is a longing when the music plays to extend ourselves to all kinds of intriguing corners at once. An archaic, vibrant culture ripe with influential traditions and sounds lent inspiration to Dan Bay & Max Clouth on their collaboration-heavy album Nada Yoga released by WAYU Records in the summer of 2021. Now, the journey into the metaphysical extends above and beyond with fresh perceptions in Nada Yoga Remixed.

The transcendental album consisted of ten original tracks, of which eight have received a revamp, including a bonus remix for Magic. Taking you to different locations in a single listen, Nada Yoga Remixed consists of eccentricities you will discover along your way, with each artist adding their unique spice to this melted musical pot.

For lovers of resonant, hypnotizing vocals, Nhii and Slow Nomaden give twists to tracks Shari and Mumbai Sunrise but keep the authentic charm that courses through alive. Nhii's Shari flows with a dark, sultry edge, as Slow Nomaden's remix of Mumbai Sunrise takes you on a peaceful, nostalgic walk through a city known for its intoxicating yet chaotic nature.

Crossing over and diving into the Latin essence, Tebra's remix of Nada Yoga is both tender and vibrant, with acoustics that relaxes and puts you at ease. El Fuego En Mi remixed by Yamil initiates you to the next level with flutes conjuring you up onto your feet, hips swaying, and arms flowing along to a spiritual song.

Magic receives double the love, remixed by both Beyhude and Timboletti, and each as tantalizing. Beyhude brings the mysterious spell that would lay thick over a jungle after the night fell upon it, enigmatic and an ode to the unknown. Timboletti's remix saunters in as the storyteller that coerces you into listening to tales of the past, present, and future.

For the adventurous who aim for the stars, these artists will lead you into the cosmos with their trippy, illusory remixes. Niki Sadeki's remix Parikrama is the beginning sequence of a dreamy odyssey, lifting you out of your body. The Koregaon Park remix by Ben & Vincent has a playful curiosity for knowledge that opens the eyes and the mind in new and exciting ways. The universe takes you in for a final dance with Bhimpalasi remixed by Chudiy, eclectic and inviting into something whimsical and wild.

The Nada Yoga album saw a number of artists collaborate their talents to create something divine, and WAYU Records is pleased to see it continue to flourish with Nada Yoga Remixed.