Depart - The Sight [EP]

Release Date: August 19, 2022
Catalog: WAYU073
  1. The Sight (Original Mix)
  2. The Sight (Raw Main Remix)

There's a chill in the air, and it creeps down your spine like a hungry cat stalking its prey. Through the shadowy night, you wander quietly into a peculiar place that unveils itself for your eyes only. Though surreal, a strong familiarity takes its hold over you and alleviates the nervous shake engulfing your bones. As you roam the corridors of the unexplained, clarity aims to peek through and prevail. What you once turned a blind eye to will no longer be ignored.

WAYU Records presents 'The Sight' by Départ, a daunting but necessary venture into seeing what truly is, accompanied by an introspective Raw Main remix.

'The Sight' creeps in with a hypnotizing drum that is quick with its bewitchment. The magnetic pull seduces you into a world of unusual musings. A haunting piano chord strikes loud enough to wake the spirits among you. From a long sleep, they emerge, eager to waltz you into their dance of rousing riddles and revelations. They know you well, but do you? The captivating allure of the music and the flickering images of former selves swirl vividly around you, locking you into a dizzying trance. When the hallucinations settle, you will learn that one can only run from themselves for so long before being called into question.

Raw Main follows up with a remix of Départ's cryptic quest, playing up the softer details of the original track. This remix gracefully balances the curious nature with the peaceful fulfillment at the end of meaningful discovery. Light and airy, the melody will lift you out of the shadows to bask in an afterglow. In the end, the secrets uncovered will open you up to a sphere of unique possibilities.