WAYU Records

Kellie - Sakkaku Massemba

  1. Massemba (Original Mix)
  2. Massemba (Baez Remix)
  3. Massemba (Moontide Remix)

Greek producer duo, Kellie Sakkaku, has masterfully created Massemba -a harmonious track in symbiotic balance between Afro Tech and Latin inspired rhythms and vocals. This song softly evolves into the hot climate of the Caribbean elements, such as mid-range shakers and cuban style conga rhythm patterns. As the beat progresses, Kellie subtly introduces short melodic elements, which fit perfectly and without overshadowing the beautiful sounding single chant that brings a sense of calmness.

Massemba has been gracefully reworked by two great 'remixers' MOONTIDE has delivered a sensual proposition which maintains the caribean touch; however, providing the listener with a soft and playful down-tempo experience. Baez, on the other hand, provides a fresh twist of Massemba by delivering a deep-tech formula which surrounds and places the vocals in a remote place, providing a different dimension away from Afro rhythms.