Mujia - Tajo Lorelu [EP]

Release Date: December 13, 2019
Catalog: WAYU027
  1. Lorelu (Original Mix)
  2. Flowers (Original Mix)
  3. Mente (Original Mix)
  4. Lorelu (Dolph Recolour)
  5. Lorelu (LE VOLD Simulation Remix)
  6. Mente (KlangDruide Reimagined Remix)

Mujia & Tajo are back after their debut on WAYU Records with their track 'Ovid' released in our first compilation earlier this year.

This time they present us with Lorelu EP. Three original tracks that re-affirm their confidence in their sound. A clear statement that their music is delicate and slightly melancholic.

The softness and roundness of their sound is intended to carry you into a slow transcendental state of mind. Each original mix is a subtle moment that transforms you into light reflected on a feather smoothly floating through the clouds.

To complete the beautiful package, we are delighted to welcome Dolph, LeVold and KlangDruide as remixers; by understanding the energy of the original songs, all three remixers have recolored, reimagined, and simulated a different chapter in this soft book, titled Lorelu.