Noble Spirits - Gardens of Elah [EP]

Release Date: June 26, 2020
Catalog: WAYU036
  1. Gardens of Elah (Original Mix)
  2. Gardens of Elah (Holed Coin Remix)
  3. Enki (Original Mix)
  4. Enki (Al Lindrum Remix)

Noble Spirits is an incorporeal but ubiquitous, non-quantifiable substance of energy present individually in all living things. Eternal developing and growing as an integral aspect of all beings. Exploring different manifestations of the soul through musical galaxies involving all sub-levels.

And the Noble Spirits are back on WAYU. This time with a two track EP that give us an inside look into their mystical sound.

With remixes from Al Lindrum and Holed Coin the exploration of electronic and ancestral sounds is complete.