Nonylone - Let's Go Back In Time feat. Shrii [Single]

Release Date: June 10, 2022
Catalog: WAYU070
  1. Let's Go Back In Time (Original Mix) Feat. Shrii (Original Mix)

Here you are in the middle of the dancing floor, bodies swarmed and moving in divine unison. There is a feeling of togetherness that surrounds you, and when you close your eyes, you teleport into an elevated moment that feels far greater than yourself. A connection to the elements engulfs you and leads you to a familiar, primal place in time.

Aetius Boutefoy, who took the scene by the storm in 2018 with the colossal rework edit of Martina Camargo's 'Corre Morenita,' returns to WAYU Records under his new alias Nonylone. His brand new single, 'Let's Go Back in Time' deeply explores the archaic connection between nature and human nature, bringing Shrii along this fascinating, spine-tingling ride.

From the start, there's a special feeling that ignites within you, born from a combination of nature's sounds and a beat that feeds the natural, tribal urges inside of you. Your body is quick to follow the rhythm, and a celestial voice soothes you with an age-old vocal that calls you out of your body and seeks your soul to remind you where its journey first began.

The odyssey home has now begun, as the modern world around you blurs and fades into a distant memory. What may seem like a new world at first, is not so new after all...but a pure moment in time where we were at our most primitive. After a stunning monologue spoken by Shrii with the magic and wonder of a mythical tale, there is an enlightening sense of self that has woven itself into the music. It heightens all of your senses before the music itself comes to a pressure point and doubles down on the emotion that will have you begging not to leave.

The climatic peak of the track drives home the importance of connecting with ourselves, with each other, and the land we live on. 'Let's Go Back in Time' is a musical expression that spells out what we have lost as a modern society, but can attain once more by nurturing what's vital to maintain such a deep, spiritual connection to the world we live in.