WAYU 5 Years - Part Two

Release Date: July 1, 2022
Catalog: WAYU5YEARS2
  1. Dan Bay & Max Clouth - Toubkal (Original Mix)
  2. Anber - Abayomi (Original Mix)
  3. DBRA - Yangqin (Original Mix)
  4. Shunus - We Hold On (Original Mix)

We are celebrating 5 Years of WAYU Records with a 5-part compilation that features our artists' wide range of sounds.

Part two carries you off into the dusty desert, where the lands are barren and vast. The sweltering heat beats down on you, and signs of life are far and few in between. The mirage that manifests through squinted eyes offers refuge in a dire moment. Our artists Dan Bay & Max Clouth, Anber, DBRA, and Shunus invite you into their desert oasis for a chance to embrace your surroundings.