Yöurr - The Healer [EP]

Release Date: September 13, 2019
Catalog: WAYU024
  1. Monday Prayers (Original Mix)
  2. The Healer (Original Mix)
  3. Tearjerker (Original Mix)
  4. Monday Prayers (Aetius Boutefoy Remix)
  5. Tearjerker (Geist Remix)

Yöurr arrives to WAYU Records with the 'The Healer' EP.

A beautiful, positive, afro infused release that takes us into the ups and downs of musical emotions.

This EP, although different in the sense of musical colors and environments created among the 3 original tracks, has a common denominator; which is the unique jumpy rhythmic style that fully belongs to the Hungarian producer. It is important to point out that Yöurr uses arpeggios as rhythmic backgrounds, instead of making them the main idea, accomplishing a very playful and bright sounding project.

We also welcome back 2 artists previously released on WAYU Records. Aeutius Boutefoy and Geist. Both producers gifting us with unique remixes true to their sound, but at the same time showcasing the ideas from the original mixes. Please take a ride to a sunny day surrounded by rays of musical ideas from “The Healer” EP.