Deep in the Andes Playlist

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the heart of the Andes with WAYU’s meticulously crafted playlist “Deep in the Andes”. Immerse yourself in a sonic tapestry where natural sounds seamlessly intertwine with the supernatural, creating a mesmerizing musical mosaic inspired by the mystical landscapes of South America's Los Andes region.

Indulge in the rhythmic pulse of native drums, entwined with the haunting melodies of Andean flutes and the pulsating energy of synths, characteristic of downtempo, ethnotronica, folktronica, deep house, and organic house genres. Featuring captivating tracks from acclaimed artists such as Rodrigo Gallardo, Kermesse, Chanca Via Circuito, Dante, Sidirum, El Búho, and more, each chord resonates with the spirits of the mountains and whispers of ancient civilizations.

Let this curated collection guide you through the wildness of the Andes, where tradition blends harmoniously with innovation. Embark on a captivating auditory adventure that transcends boundaries and immerses you in the rich cultural tapestry of “Deep In the Andes”.