Tulum Vibes Playlist

Welcome to WAYU Records "Tulum Vibes Playlist" – a handpicked selection of music capturing the laid-back atmosphere of Tulum, Mexico. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and mystical vibes of this coastal paradise with our carefully curated tunes.

Our playlist features tracks perfect for lounging at the stunning Tulum beach or dancing the night away at renowned events like Day Zero and WooMoon. You'll discover an eclectic mix of electronic, world, and experimental sounds, curated to evoke the essence of Tulum's bohemian lifestyle and its deep connection to nature and spirituality.

Listen to tracks by acclaimed artists including Monolink, Lee Burridge, Kora, Nicola Cruz, Be Svendsen, and Nico Stojan, alongside up-and-coming talents, adding depth and dimension to your sonic journey. Whether you're seeking a chill backdrop for beachside relaxation or a soundtrack for starlit dance sessions, the Tulum Vibes Playlist transports you to the heart of this enchanting destination.

Explore the rhythms of Tulum and experience its unique musical tapestry. Press play and let the journey begin.