Ben Vincent - Okoa [EP]

Release Date: September 16, 2022
Catalog: WAYU074
  1. Okoa (Original Mix)
  2. Aldeia (Original Mix)
  3. Moviola (Original Mix)
  4. Aldeia (Dr Parnassus Remix)
  5. Okoa (Xique-Xique Remix)

The shake-up from modern life has begun, and it's time to set sail towards exotic scenes. Days upon days pass on by, leaving you with a longing for a shaded tropic utopia. Looking out far ahead of you lies an abundant emerald lush, inviting you to hide under its engulfing canopies. The hot sun beats down on your head, the sweat dripping into the sea below. Muster what's left of your strength and row yourself to paradise. Awaiting past the shoreline is a world of possibilities, and they call you with a song that both thrills you and leaves you in suspense.

Ben & Vincent's new EP 'Okoa' presented by WAYU Records will launch you into an adventure of a lifetime. Along for the ride, you will find Xique-Xique and Dr Parnassus exquisite remixes that will aid expand the horizons.

'Okoa' influenced by Cristobal Tapia de Veers White Lotus soundtrack and 1950s Exotica music is the curious ferocity deep inside you that launches any wonderous odyssey. The thirst for uncovering the unfamiliar knows it can be satisfied by the call of nature's seducing sounds. Creeping through the wild, you are aware that you are not alone, no matter what your eyes may tell you. Around every corner, under and up above, interesting companions await you. The danger is present throughout, but you thrive in the thick of it.

Amid adventure, connection blossoms in strange places. 'Aldeia' slithers in like a snake ready to coil around your body but means no harm- not yet. If you are brave enough to saunter in with such confidence then some fun is to be had first. Impish chords play with soft drumming that lures you in, and hypnotic notes put you in a trance. There is little room for escape, but ask yourself, do you want to? 'Aldeia' has a magnetizing Latin influence that courses through the track like passion through your veins and makes you one with the fierce jungle around you.

The time has come to leave your latest connections and continue down the path of discovery. There is a secret that this jungle holds and it wants to entrap you before you have the chance to discover it. 'Moviola' which is a track that's heavily influenced by Gustavo Santaolalla, leads you into a quaint village far from the realities of your world. You are a foreigner in this land, and the choice to enter is daunting. They are suspect of this new character and feel out whether or not you are a real threat to it. The language barrier is a limitation hard to surpass, but you read each other instead. A bond manifests through a small window of familiarity as it's present throughout the music. The human connection proves to be a powerful entity, and it allows you the opportunity to become immersed in their culture and form new ideas of family.