Elias Doré - Disappear

Release Date: February 16, 2024
Catalog: WAYU097
  1. Elias Doré, Sarah Moní - Disappear (Original Mix)
  2. Elias Doré - Penumbra (Original Mix)
  3. Elias Doré, Sarah Moní - Disappear (Sydka Remix)

Embark on a sonic odyssey with Elias Doré's latest release, 'Disappear' EP. This mesmerizing collection features two original compositions that dive deep into the ethereal realms of Melodic Techno and Organic House. The title track, 'Disappear,' is a masterful collaboration with Sarah Moní, weaving sonic landscapes that explore the positive essence of disappearing. Far from vanishing into obscurity, the track beckons listeners into a realm where the act of disappearing becomes a sublime experience—a liberation of the senses, a cathartic release that transports you to an otherworldly dimension.

'Penumbra,' another original by Elias Doré, delves into the shadows, exploring the dance between light and darkness. Its evocative melodies and pulsating rhythms create a captivating atmosphere that lingers in the listener's mind. The EP reaches its crescendo with a brilliant remix of 'Disappear' by Sydka, infusing the track with a unique perspective and elevating the disappearing act into a euphoric celebration.

Elias Doré, a maestro of tonal storytelling, draws from years of global musical influence. From London to Dakar, his journey through various bands has culminated in a seamless fusion of Organic House, Melodic Techno, Indie Dance, Afro, and Disco. Each note, each beat, is an invitation to disappear into the music, a glorious vanishing act that leaves you in a state of sonic enchantment. 'Disappear' EP is more than an album; it's an invitation to dissolve into a realm of sonic bliss.