Guuse - Lost in the Blackout [EP]

Release Date: September 30, 2022
Catalog: WAYU075
  1. Blackout (Original Mix)
  2. Lost (Original Mix)
  3. A tu lado en el Tiempo (Original Mix)
  4. Honey (Original Mix)

WAYU presents 'Lost in the Blackout' by Argentinian up-and-coming producer Guuse. With previous releases on The Magic Movement we are very excited to welcome him to our family and get ready for a deep look into the world around you when the light goes out.

Towards the end of the day, the skies alight and set themselves on fire in warm, vivid hues stretching across its vastness. The glow of its burn is alluring, but the spectacle never lasts long. The moment is fleeting- over as quickly as it's begun. The night has waited in the shadows, ready for its turn to blanket you with its stark darkness. How long will the night last this time? How long will it plague your mind?

The fading sun leads a curious chase. It whispers for you to follow, and there is little hesitation. 'Blackout' initiates with a familiar feeling that quickly captivates your attention and yet unknowingly leads you into a state of isolation. This unknown land you lay on plays like a scene out of the wild west, the lonely desert spilling out before you far and wide. The chase for the disappearing daylight perseveres, not letting the dull of its trailing colours falter you. You cannot, however, stop the darkness from edging in and eating away at you like it does the sky. Alone in the black, the bittersweet melancholy hangs over you. Your consciousness speaks aloud, trying to remember the details that scatter around your mind like a puzzle missing key pieces.

Your mind swirls as you try to place how you've ended up here. The fear weighs heavy, the confusion is thick, and it clouds the truth that stands tall in front of you. 'Lost' plays with the sounds of intrigue and urgency, the line between knowing what's good for you but desperately choosing what isn't. There is no clear path when you're at odds with yourself and the gravitational pull into the deep and the dark. It's hard to say no to what makes you feel alive even in the stillness of the night.

Uncertainty subsides when you accept the shine of the moon. It illuminates the night with a soft and velvety texture that puts you more at ease. She has been there all along, waiting for you to calm down so you may be deserving of her stars to accompany you through the shadows. A cruel game, but its effect still stirs inside of you. You lay under her sky, declaring your truth in native tongues. 'Beside You In Time' is an emotional sentiment to the one who can make you feel everything and nothing at all.

'Honey' brings us out of the dark depths and into the first cracks of dawn. It is distant but promises a peaceful notion of beautiful things to come with the start of a new beginning. Yet, the will to leave is forced only by the tiresome obligations of everyday life. As the morning light peaks on the horizon, the separation is inevitable but leaves a void. The blood-red sunrise greets you with a morning kiss, but the bond between you and the darkness cannot be unrealized, and you will return to revel in its chaos once more