Juanma Salinas - Floating Around [EP]

Release Date: May 6, 2022
Catalog: WAYU069
  1. Floating (Original Mix)
  2. Around (Original Mix)

When you take in the beauty of the sea, you're enthralled by the glory of what lays upon the surface and the scenery that surrounds it. The true spectacle though is what exists beneath, far into the depths. As you swim along, there is an electric frequency pulling you in that begs not to be ignored. Luminous friends are awaiting you in the dark, cool waters, extending an invitation to lose yourself in a translucent dance.

WAYU Records presents 'Floating Around' by Juanma Salinas, his 3rd WAYU release, and a two-track EP that interlaces seamlessly with one another and carries you into the mysterious deep.

'Floating' introduces itself dawning a sound that defines the calm state of being that one finds when they've submerged themselves into water, letting the fluidity of movement create peace within. Awaking from your moment of solitude, you will find that you are not the only creature who can float so beautifully, and so effortlessly. The track transitions smoothly into an ethereal composition that gives off the sensation that in this life you are not alone, and that there is extraordinary life beyond your own.

The second track 'Around' is a seamless progression from 'Floating", leading into a hypnotic groove fit for a rousing choreography displayed by a magnetic array of light that entices with its natural capabilities. Release your inhibitions and let your limbs mirror blooms of jellyfish, bouncing and floating in the harmonious abyss. 'Around' will leave you willing to let go and get lost within the waltz inspired by nature's wonders.