Release Date: July 8, 2022
Catalog: WAYU072
  1. Someone (Original Mix)
  2. Someone (Extended Mix)
  3. Someone (GIOKA Remix)

There are times when the weight of the world rests heavily on your shoulders, and your tired soul finds itself wandering around lost and unsure of the path it must set upon. The thoughts echo inside of your mind as your feet continue to drag, “Who am I...? Where do I belong...? When will these burdens disperse and become specks of dust carried off with the wind?” And then, unexpectedly there comes a serene moment that releases you from the distress and it's the moment in which you decide for yourself to take a leap of faith and flutter into the open-air.

MIICHII and LEILAXMAREK come together harmoniously on 'Someone", a dreamy EP presented by WAYU Records, that includes an equally beautiful and soothing remix from GIOKA (Giovanny Aparicio & Kamilo Sanclemente).

'Someone' defines the transitional period where your soul frees itself of the chains placed by our former selves. It describes moments when we as humans decide to let go and explore new chapters and places in life, without forgetting the essence of who we were and the moments we fought for ourselves to try to be someone.

The day is not yet over, and the decision to roam around and clear your mind is a simple one. You embark on what you assume is a typical trek, but there is a gravitational urge to explore your surroundings on a deeper level. You happen upon a sleepy meadow and drift aimlessly through it. There is beauty in its simplicity and a calmness that sedates your inner anxieties. A jaunty guitar rift infuses groove into the soft, melancholic song, invoking a bittersweet feeling that comes with letting ourselves go and propelling towards new, uncharted heights.

'Someone' is the sound of the last of the setting sun glistening in your eyes as you wade through the vast, open space, and its words are the other half of you extending a loving hand that understands that you are not doomed to become what you carry.