New Horizons - Vol. 2

Release Date: December 15, 2023
Catalog: WAYU095
  1. MIICHII - Solitude II (Original Mix)
  2. King Ben - Was Stimmt Jetzt (Original Mix)
  3. Vandelor - Cajón Y Canela (Original Mix)
  4. Archila - Roof of Babylon (Original Mix)
  5. Viktop - La Mochila Llena De Botellas (Original Mix)
  6. Kalaman - Milena (Original Mix)
  7. Meeting Molly - Utopia (Original Mix)
  8. Audiotones, Ranta - Fate (Original Mix)

WAYU Records is thrilled to unveil Volume 2 of their esteemed New Horizons series. This compilation features a stunning lineup of nine exceptional artists presenting their craft across eight enthralling tracks. Each piece offers a distinct fusion of electronic sounds, transcending conventional boundaries within the genre.

From the serene and introspective tones of MIICHII's 'Solitude II' to the enigmatic allure of King Ben's 'Was Stimmt Jetzt,' the compilation effortlessly navigates through a diverse range of deep house, organic and progressive house compositions.

Vandelor's 'Cajón Y Canela' introduces Latin-inspired beats with an irresistible groove, while Archila's 'Roof of Babylon' invites listeners into an intoxicating fusion of melodies. Viktop's 'La Mochila Llena De Botellas' paints a vivid soundscape with it's groove, narrating a compelling story through each note. Meanwhile, Kalaman's 'Milena' captivates with mesmerizing rhythms and an ethereal atmosphere.

The entrancing world of Meeting Molly's 'Utopia' promises to transport listeners to a realm of euphoria, while Audiotones and Ranta's collaboration on 'Fate' culminates in a mesmerizing crescendo of musical brilliance.

'New Horizons, Vol. 2' stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and artistry of these nine visionary artists, showcasing their ability to push the limits of electronic music.

We invite you, to immerse yourself and let music guide you towards New Horizons.