Omar Dahl - Zephyr [EP]

Release Date: February 3, 2023
Catalog: WAYU079
  1. Anemoi (Original Mix)
  2. K'ami (Original Mix)
  3. Zephyr (Original Mix)

A soft, cool breeze sets towards you from a distance, coursing through the air and lightly caressing you as it leaves as suddenly as it approaches. It provides instant relief from the wild heat that penetrates your skin and refreshes you physically and mentally. Though this moment is fleeting, its impact is pivotal. Omar Dahl, the enigmatic four-piece live ensemble, debuts on WAYU Records with their 3-track EP Zephyr, a stimulating passage that is as effortless as nature's quick, airy kiss.

Anemoi calls for the four winds to come together, journeying from their far-off designated directions. Their curious nature blurs the lines of reality, conjuring up a song as welcoming as the breeze but alluding to a fierceness that stirs deep and turbulent. Anemoi is the sultry dance of the Gods that will also move you to sway like the element they control.

Mystique clouds you, and a magnetic force pulls you into the circle of the spiritual deities that once evaded you. K’ami is an exhilarating ride into a sacred place few ever discover. The soulful, jazzy element is bittersweet yet attention-grabbing, and the chords have a playfulness that entrances you into a bounce that mirrors the feeling of floating.

The title-track Zephyr kickstarts a familiar feeling that awakens you all over. Arabic ambiance spins tales of old with layers of eagerness to live through one anew. The whimsicality is flirtatious and inviting, coercing you into its mischievous game. The gusts carry you into the depths of your imagination, ready to breeze by whatever may come your way.

Omar Dahl's stunning Zephyr EP is a symbolic nod to their Eastern and Western winds of culture unifying in the form of their craft, as it propels one off into the great unknown.