WAYU Records

Wattusi - Ser [EP]

  1. El Fuego feat. Inn Zen (Original Mix)
  2. Mar (Original Mix)

Coursing through the veins of the earth is her essence, flowing endlessly through the currents and breathing bursts of life into the atmosphere. The elements she holds in her hand are fiercely different and challenge one another, but still, they must co-exist. The prick of her flame is enticing yet menacing, and her body of water is inviting yet unsuspecting. WAYU Records welcomes WATTUSI, who invoke the spirit of an ancient, motherly deity with their new EP 'Ser' with an air of appreciation for such gifts she bestows upon us.

'El Fuego' beckons the element of fire, a seductive, slow burn that lights your soul aflame with every rhythmic movement. The warmth of the song that emits from its embers is as familiar as an embrace, but saunter too close, and you'll find the bite scorching. Silky Spanish vocals summon you into a ritual dance around the blaze, losing yourself inside the deepness of the flames without a care of what it could soon devour. Though, what burns that brazenly must eventually have its thirst quenched.

Where the sea lays, life thrives within the pulses of its waves. 'Mar' has an organic, calming melody that welcomes you into the cerulean waters, offering a chance at rebirth as you plunge into the refreshing depths. The delicate strings flow as gracefully as the motions of the sea you float through. Nature herself is present through the roll of the tide brushing up against the shoreline, serving as a reminder to be one with the water as she has been since its conception.

WATTUSI's 'Ser' EP is a devotion to Pachamama and the divine contrast between the passionate energy of the fire that burns within and the purity of the flowing waters that give life to all around us.