WAYU Various Artists - Vol. 1

Release Date: May 24, 2019
Catalog: WAYU018
  1. Karhua & Metatext - Turners Tales of Gravity (Original Mix)
  2. Bassara - Quasselstrip (Original Mix)
  3. Mujia & Tajo - Ovid (Original Mix)
  4. Juanma Salinas - Bacan (Original Mix)
  5. Shunus - Dohalla (Original Mix)
  6. Amadori - Sleepless (Original Mix)
  7. Audiotones - Shambala (Original Mix)
  8. Carlos Barbero, Gio Vellojin - Guzheng (Original Mix)
  9. Elias Doré - Elevate (Original Mix)
  10. AFXS - Old Secret (Original Mix)
  11. MIICHII - Are You Serious (Original Mix)
  12. Viktop - Sagittarius (Original Mix)
  13. Yöurr - Kele (Original Mix)
  14. Geist - A Smoke Filled Room (Original Mix)
  15. Nhii - Validity of Human Species (Original Mix)
  16. Noble Spirits - Kyra (Original Mix)

We proudly present WAYU Various Artists, Vol 1.

Composed of 16 brand new original tracks that are the representation of the sounds we love, the relationships we have been growing since day one, and the future sound of our label.

From down-tempo to melodic and deep house; we were able to achieve diversity in the sounds, and especially the rhythms proposed, displaying the uniqueness and personality of each artist.
With this release, we thank the amazing producers that trusted us with their art, and everyone who has supported the artists' music since the inception of WAYU Records.

We are only learning as we go, getting inspired as we listen, and giving back as we release.