G Combo - Gran Reserva (Remixed)

Release Date: August 9, 2024
Catalog: WAYU102
  1. G combo - Sweet Cumbia (WATTUSI Remix)
  2. G combo - Bailame El Agua (Ben & Vincent Remix)
  3. G combo - Vuela (Stories of Dharma Remix)
  4. G combo - Veneno (Orkidz Remix)

WAYU Records is excited to present G Combo - Gran Reserva (Remixed), a fresh reimagining of some of G Combo’s most beloved tracks from Gran Reserva. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the original release by G Combo, this collection features four electrifying remixes by some of WAYU’s most cherished artists: Ben & Vincent, WATTUSI, Orkidz, and Stories of Dharma.

The project began when Ben & Vincent submitted a dynamic remix of “Bailame el Agua.” Inspired by their fresh take on the track, the concept expanded into a full remix project, and thus, Gran Reserva (Remixed) was born.

Spanning genres such as Electro Cumbia, Electro Dub, and Organic House, this release is the perfect soundtrack for summer. These lively and summery tunes are ideal for setting the mood at beach clubs, summer festivals, or simply playing in the background as listeners relax by the pool.

Starting with Sweet Cumbia (WATTUSI Remix), the remix radiates with a vibrant energy, showcasing a beautiful clarinet that grooves seamlessly with the rhythm. WATTUSI pays clear homage to the original track while infusing it with a fresh twist. The fusion of Raggedub and Colombian cumbia with electronic dance elements creates an infectious rhythm sure to get listeners moving.

Next, Bailame El Agua (Ben & Vincent Remix) transports you with its infectious groove and recognizable cumbia sounds. Ben & Vincent skillfully blend these elements into an organic house vibe, creating a remix that captivates listeners whether they’re dancing or simply enjoying the music. Pulsating beats and rhythmic grooves define this rendition.

Vuela (Stories of Dharma Remix) takes a different turn, diving into the world of Electronic Raggue Dub. Stories of Dharma infuse the track with captivating island vibes, creating a laid-back yet engaging rhythm. This remix stands out with its unique blend of electronic and reggae influences, capturing the essence of summer.

Finally, Veneno (Orkidz Remix) ramps up the tempo for the most upbeat track on the release. Orkidz’s remix is another dancefloor-friendly tune that mixes deep elements with cumbia flavors, keeping the energy high and the feet moving. This track ensures a vibrant and dynamic end to the remix collection.

Each remix in Gran Reserva (Remixed) brings its own distinct energy, offering a fresh and exciting take on G Combo’s beloved tracks. This collection is set to be the perfect soundtrack for summer, bringing lively and summery tunes to beach clubs, festivals, and poolside relaxation.